Survey Administration

Domains and Indicators of Healthy Aging

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Implementing the survey

Karen Schwab, Director of Older Adult Services at the Samuel Field YM and YWHA, shares her program's experience with Health Indicators.

Getting a picture of the health risks of older adults requires asking specific questions.  The Health Indicators Risk Identification Survey Tool was designed with this in mind, and is organized by domains with corresponding indicators to give you a picture of:
  • The demographics of the older adults surveyed,
  • Their access to and use of health care services,
  • Their use of prevention and screening services and engagement in health promotion activities, and
  • The kinds of health conditions the surveyed adults have and how well they feel those conditions are being managed.  

The survey tool is easy to use and takes approximately 15-20 minutes for trained staff members to administer once they have gained some experience with the process.

Training Materials
To ensure high quality and consistency of the information collected, all staff should be trained on administering the survey. We have developed the following training materials to help staff understand the survey questions and become comfortable asking them:


For more information about the content and development of the survey and database, read About the Health Indicators Risk Identification Survey Tool.

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