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NORC Blueprint and Health Indicators were created as free resources.

  • NORC Blueprint was designed to serve those interested in developing or supporting the development of high-quality, effective NORC programs.
  • Health Indicators was built for senior-serving community-based organizations to help them understand and take action on the key health risks among the older adults they serve.

While we encourage you to use these materials, United Hospital Fund fully expects you to acknowledge NORC Blueprint and/or Health Indicators, provide the appropriate URL—www.norcblueprint.org and/or www.aginghealthindicators.org—in your materials, and adhere to the permission standards described below.

The United Hospital Fund owns the information on www.norcblueprint.org and www.aginghealthindicators.org. The entire contents and design of both websites are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. NORC Blueprint, Health Indicators, and their pages may not be copied or plagiarized for repurposing on another website or in any other medium. For questions or concerns, including requests for written permission for special use of these materials, please e-mail [email protected]


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