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With the transformation of the health care delivery system, the role of senior-serving community-based organizations is changing to include promoting healthy aging, helping seniors better manage chronic conditions, and demonstrating the difference they are making in the health and wellbeing of the clients they serve. Community-based organizations will need to work differently.

They will need to:

  • Collect information about teh health risks of the clients they serve;
  • Analyze the data and plan and implement service or programs to address the most prevalent risks;
  • Use a registry to target the planned services and program to those clients who need it;
  • Track the progress they are making; and
  • Measure their results.
To help organizations adopt this new way of working, a new and improved section—Health Indicators–Advancing Healthy Aging in your Community, is available on NORC Blueprint. Designed for use by NORC programs, senior centers, case management agencies, and other senior-serving community-based organizations, this section offers tools, a database, training and technical assistance guides, abd ither resources and materials to enable community-based organizations to get the high-quality information they need to understand, take targeted action, and demonstrate the difference they are making in addressing and improving the key health risks among their community’s seniors.   Read more about Health Indicators and how to get started.


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These articles were published in Cityscape (Volume 12, Number 2), a journal of the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

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