Partnering with the Community

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Guiding Principle # 2

Core partners align their goals and priorities.

NORC programs draw their strength from the resources of core partners who are committed to shifting the paradigm of aging in place from an emphasis solely on individual service provision to one that promotes community change. When programs succeed, they motivate other program developers, community leaders, residents, health and social service providers, and public and private funders to work together in new and different ways.

But these public-private partnerships are often unconventional ones that draw in people from many fields, with their respective differences in reference points, customs, terminology, and expertise. Working together creatively often begins with a search for common ground. To be successful, NORC programs should engage partners who can:

  • Agree on a shared mission.
  • Articulate a single vision and a common identity.
  • Learn one another’s ways of doing business.
  • Change the way they work, if necessary, to promote the community’s agenda.
  • Commit to being agents of change.

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