Resource Inventory Tool

Every community with a NORC program has assets that can be harnessed to contribute to the program’s success. The program should regularly inventory the community to identify untapped resources that could add value to the NORC program and benefit its clients. 

Sometimes, these resources may be predictable and found among existing partners, such as nursing hours from a health care partner. Other times, they may turn up in new and unexpected places, such as time for a senior swim club at the local pool or community college. 

The important thing is to be open-minded and think creatively. 

Try not to focus exclusively on the “usual suspects.” 

Dare to imagine. 

This worksheet will help you inventory your program’s resources, both what you have and what you need. Once you have a good idea of who and what is in your community, you may want to create a visual portrait of the community’s assets. NORC Blueprint’s Community Mapping Guide can help you do this. 

Resource Inventory Tool

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